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Trademark Watch

Keep track of attempts to register a trademark that's highly similar or identical to your brand name.

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What is Trademark Watch?

Registering a trademark is the first step in protecting your brand name. To ensure that you have full control over it, you need to keep a close watch on all attempts by other businesses and individuals to register similar trademarks, even those in other domains. While the Registrar does have its own set of rules for approving trademarks, it is not enough to ensure that no similar or identical brand names are registered. This is where a trademark watch comes in; it will keep you informed of any similar brand names across the web or new applications at the trademark office, both in India and globally.

 Advantages of Trademark Watch

Assert Your Rights
The whole point of registering a trademark is to assert your rights. A Trademark Watch would keep you informed of any attempts to register the same or similar trademarks to your own.

Grow Brand Value
For you to be in control of your brand value, you must know how it (and similar words) are being used in public. A Trademark Watch will keep you apprised of how the brand is being used even outside your industry.

Procedure for Trademark Watch

Step 1
You discuss your business and brand with our lawyers. The lawyers recommends the variations on your brand name that need to be tracked.

Step 2
We provide you with real-time information on any attempts by other businesses and individuals to register similar trademarks, even those in other domains. This can be done in India and globally.

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